Install ImageMagick Extension on Windows with PHP 7.2

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For those of you like me who have never installed ImageMagick on Windows with PHP, let alone for PHP 7.2, I found this article very useful:
Install the ImageMagick PHP extension in Windows

The table here only goes up to PHP 7.1, so I also confirm that using these builds worked for me on PHP 7.2.2/Windows 10 (thread-safe version):


The workflow seems really clunky to me, but I did exactly as instructed:

  • Extract from php_imagick-….zip to the ext directory the php_imagick.dll file of your PHP installation
  • Extract from ImageMagick-….zip to the root PHP directory (where php.exe resides) the DLL files that start with (and there are a TON):
  • Add this line to your php.ini file

And then to run a simple test (should output a 1):
php -r "print(class_exists('imagick'));"

If anyone knows a more elegant installation solution, please let me know 




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